Everything You Need to Make Your Submission Soar…
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If your submission gets thrown out, that opportunity is gone… for good.

You’ve poured your heart and soul into making your picture book manuscript the best it can be, and it’s scary to hit the “send” button, not knowing if it will be accepted or rejected.

The pressure of having “just one chance” to impress an agent or editor makes crafting a winning picture book submission seem impossible, especially when there are so many submission rules and requirements.

But not anymore! The Complete Picture Book Submissions System takes you through each and every step of the submission process.

No more fear. No more guesswork. No more reinventing the wheel each time you submit a new manuscript.

From researching agents and editors to creating a captivating query; from formatting your manuscript correctly to evaluating an offer – and MORE – the System has you covered.

The Complete Picture Book Submissions System gives you the experience and resources of not one, but two award-winning, published children’s book authors with a proven track record of providing valuable and trustworthy information.

Finally, you can submit with confidence… and land that agent or book deal!

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