The ONLY “Soup to Nuts” Resource For Crafting Standout Picture Book Submissions


The Complete Picture Book Submissions System answers every question you’ve ever had about submitting picture books to agents and editors. The only product of its kind, the System provides step by step instructions, beginning with how to decide who to submit to and researching agents and editors, to crafting the query, to formatting your manuscript, to understanding and managing feedback (including the dreaded rejections), to evaluating an offer and beyond.


Here is everything you get with The Complete Picture Book Submissions System:


  1. Getting Started: All about agents and editors. How to research them, the advantages and disadvantages of new vs. established and large vs. small agencies/publishers, and how to decide which would be the best fit for your work. Two templates for tracking submissions. NEW! How to find and use comp titles as submission tools. NEW! A hands-on tutorial demonstrating how to research comp titles.
  2. Query Letter Components: The 4 essential components of a query letter–exactly what to say, and in what order. Three templates for crafting that critical hook sentence AND two complete query letter templates.
  3. Query Critique Clinic: Video recordings of 50 real-life query critiques, featuring dozens of examples of what works–and what doesn’t. Includes the clean queries as well as the marked-up versions, plus transcripts of our discussions.
  4. Query Do’s and Don’ts: Comprehensive lists of query letter Do’s and Don’ts.
  5. Manuscript Submission: PRECISE instructions on how to format your query letter and manuscript for submission, including email and snail mail, prose and rhyme, fiction and nonfiction, backmatter and art notes, and script/graphic novel formats. How to submit illustrations if you are an author/illustrator. Everything you need to know about the 32-page picture book layout and why it’s important for submissions, etiquette for submissions, follow-up, and submitting again after parting ways with an agent. Plus, an EXHAUSTIVE list of FAQs, guaranteed to answer your every question about submissions.
  6. Understanding Feedback: How to handle and learn from rejections and editorial feedback, improve future submissions, maintain morale, AND keep submitting. NEW! What to do if an agent requests more work.
  7. Offers:  Evaluating offers of representation from an agent or an editor for a book deal. Includes detailed questions to ask, and specific suggestions for other communications and follow-up.
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