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Module 1 Getting Started
Unit 1 To Whom Are You Submitting? Agents vs. Editors
Unit 2 Researching Agents and Editors
Unit 3 The Query versus The Cover Letter
Unit 4 Tracking Submissions
Unit 5 Finding and Using Comp Titles
Module 2 Query Letter Components
Unit 1 Paragraph 1 - The Intro
Unit 2 Paragraph 2 - The Hook
Unit 3 Paragraph 3 - Bio and Market Information
Unit 4 Paragraph 4 - The Conclusion
Unit 5 Putting It All Together
Module 3 Query Critique Clinic
Unit 1 Query Critiques 1-10
Unit 2 Query Critiques 11-20
Unit 3 Query Critiques 21-30
Unit 4 Query Critiques 31-40
Unit 5 Query Critiques 41-50
Unit 6 Top 10 Query Mistakes
Module 4 Query Dos and Don'ts
Unit 1 Query "Dos"
Unit 2 Query "Don'ts"
Module 5 Manuscript Submission
Unit 1 Formatting Your Submission
Unit 2 Submitting Illustrations
Unit 3 Understanding Layout
Unit 4 Submissions After Parting With an Agent
Unit 5 Query Etiquette
Unit 6 FAQs
Module 6 Understanding Agent/Editor Responses
Unit 1 Interpreting Rejections
Unit 2 Dealing with Feedback
Unit 3 When an Agent Requests More Work
Module 7 I've Got an Offer. Now What?
Unit 1 Evaluating Your Offer
Unit 2 Offer Etiquette
Unit 3 What to Look (Out) For in a Contract
Module 8 Share Your Feedback
Unit 1 Please Share Your Feedback With Us!
Module 9 Bonus - Submission-Ready Manuscript Webinar
Unit 1 Is Your Manuscript Submission Ready?
Module 10 Bonus - Publishers List
Unit 1 Publishers List
Module 11 Bonus - All About Author Platform
Unit 1 Platform and Promotion - Overview
Unit 2 Platform and Promotion - Blogging
Module 12 Bonus - Insider's View of Agent-Client Relationships
Unit 1 Insider's View of Agent-Client Relationships
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